Highcharts Export Server

This page allows you to experiment with different options for the export server.
Your Highcharts configuration object.
The exact pixel width of the exported image. Defaults to chart.width or 600px. Maximum width is 2000px.
A scaling factor for a higher image resolution. Maximum scaling is set to 4x. Remember that the width parameter has a higher precedence over scaling.
Either Chart or StockChart depending on what product you use.
The callback will be fired after the chart is created.
Enabling styled mode requires manually importing a CSS theme below.
This CSS will be embedded in a style tag appended to the document head, regardless of wether or not styled mode is enabled.
If enabled, the page rendering will wait for any of the included JavaScript resources to call highexp.done(); before rendering the chart. If the function isn't called within 6 seconds, the rendering will timeout.
This JavaScript will be appended to the document head prior to rendering the chart.

Result Preview

Click the Preview button to see a preview.